Ovis – Subcultuur Mix


The talented DJ and producer Ovis comes from the center of The Netherlands. The sound of Ovis is best described as a fusion of Oldschool House with 90s and UK Garage .
This along with a pumping bass and brutal hi-hats he gets the crowd wild to an unprecedented steaming eargasm!

With various releases under labels such as HotSenses Records, Kaapro Records, ADSR Records he recently has a huge track! Under the label Big Flu Records, his track “Slope” has been well received and picked up by various artists such as GERD, De Sluwe Vos, Eric de Man and Taras van de Voorde! With the success of the two monthly recurring evening Deciliters, which he organizes with his friends, he was allowed to host a tent during King’s Day at the Park on King’s Day 2014.

Listen and enjoy!

More information about Ovis
FB: http://tiny.cc/Ovis
SC: https://soundcloud.com/dj-ovis